5 manieren om je bedrijf online op de kaart te zetten

I regularly talk to entrepreneurs about marketing. I often get the question: ‘How do I put my company on the map online?’. One of my first questions is often: ‘What exactly do you mean by putting it on the map’? This often means that they would like to be visible with the company for the target group. As a marketer, I often have ideas. If you want to reach a target group, you will first have to find out who your target group actually is. The next step is to investigate where your target group is located and how this target group would like to be addressed.
In dit artikel geef ik een aantal tips die je kunnen helpen om in contact te komen met jouw potentiele doelgroep. Enjoy!

1. Facebook Marketing

Je kent het wel, je start een bedrijf en je maakt dan meteen een Facebook Pagina aan. Heel goed. Realiseer je dat als je dit doet jouw klanten hier een verwachting bij hebben. Ik zie vaak dat er te weinig continuïteit zit in posts op pagina’s van bedrijven. Dit zorgt ervoor dat potentiele klanten mogelijk twijfel hebben bij je bedrijf. Dat wil je niet. Zorg ervoor dat je minimaal 2 – 3 keer per week iets op je Facebook Pagina plaatst. Maar wat moet je dan plaatsen, hoor ik vaak. Je hebt een content strategie nodig. Een content strategie gaat je helpen om gestructureerd om te gaan met het kanaal Facebook. Je bepaalt ruim van te voren wat je gaat plaatsen (topic), vorm van de post (foto, video, tekst, geluid), de doelgroep voor wie je de post maakt en het moment van plaatsen.

Door regelmatig iets te publiceren op je Facebook pagina zal je bereik vergroten. De naam van je bedrijf komt regelmatig voorbij onder de mensen die jouw pagina volgen. Door dit structureel te doen bouw je aan een top-of-mind positie in de hoofden van jouw potentiele klanten.

Zoek uit wat werkt voor jou. Analyseer eens de berichten die je hebt gepubliceerd, welke berichten hebben de meeste interactie gehad? Ga  hiervoor naar je Facebook pagina > klik op ‘statistieken’ > klik op ‘berichten’ om je berichten te analyseren. Stel je strategie voortdurend bij.

Deel kennis

Door je kennis te delen ga je direct waarde creëren voor je doelgroep. Jij kunt namelijk iets waarmee je het probleem van de klant kunt oplossen anders had je geen bestaansrecht gehad. Leg uit hoe een klant een probleem kan oplossen in je eigen woorden. Help hem/haar daarbij, dit kun je doen door bijvoorbeeld een artikel te schrijven of een video te maken. Laat zien hoe je het beste te werk kunt gaan om probleem X te voorkomen. Deze aanpak is niet bepaald een korte termijn strategie maar een van de lange adem. Door hier zeer consistent mee om te gaan zal je op termijn autoriteit gaan krijgen onder je doelgroep.

3. Adverteren op Facebook

You have probably advertised in a newspaper or magazine. The measurability of these channels is very difficult. You do not know whether the advertisement in the relevant magazine has reached your target group or not. How many people have seen it? After seeing the advertisement, who took action immediately or perhaps later? In addition, the costs of an advertisement can quickly add up to several hundred euros. If I told you now that you can advertise on Facebook for 5 euros a day, would you do this? The possibilities to reach your target audience on Facebook are endless. I have already made several videos about this on my Facebook Page.This way you can reach your target group in a very targeted way based on their interests. In addition, there are options to show people who have visited your website a specific message in an advertisement on Facebook. The chance that this group interacts with this advertisement is considerably higher. For me, advertising in Facebook is currently still a very underestimated channel among local businesses. Try it out and see what it brings you in terms of reach and possibly new customers.

If you’re curious what advertising on Facebook could possibly mean for your business, check out my FREE training: ‘Facebook Marketing for Beginners’. In a 3-part video series I explain how you can reach your target group on Facebook through targeted advertisements.

4. LinkedIn Marketing

If your company does not focus on end consumers but on companies, LinkedIn will be a channel where the target group is located. LinkedIn offers a wide range of tools to increase your reach online. Some of these tools are free to use, such as publishing content on your timeline. I have also experienced that personally approaching your network can be very effective. You can use the advanced search menu in LinkedIn for this. You can directly search for functions here and filter them on 1st or 2nd degree connections. You can then refine the search even further by adding an industry. My advice: play around with it and see if you can find potential new customers this way and create value for them.

As I mentioned, there are also opportunities to advertise on LinkedIn. Similar to Facebook Advertising. LinkedIn offers opportunities to promote an article post among a target group you have selected. This enables you to spread your expertise in a targeted manner among your potential target group. Another feature that hasn’t been around for very long is ‘Sponsored InMail’. This allows you to send a personal message to LinkedIn profiles that meet your target audience criteria. Sponsored InMail can be a very effective channel, but it can also quickly come across as spam. Think carefully about how you use this channel. To be able to advertise on LinkedIn, you first need to create a company profile.You can create a company profile on LinkedIn here.

5. Claim je bedrijf in Google

Have you ever noticed that when you search for your favorite restaurant in Google you can contact this company by phone directly from the search results? You will also immediately find the opening hours and address details. These are local search results in Google. You can easily create a company in Google yourself, click here to do that. This profile will become visible in Google search results after a few days. Therefore, make sure that your company is linked to your Google account and try to fill in the company profile as completely as possible. All this contributes to better local findability in Google. This way, potential customers can easily find you.

If you find out that your company already exists, there is a possibility to claim this location. This is only possible if it has not already been done by someone else. To claim a location, submit a request to Google. You will then receive a letter at the relevant location containing a verification code. You can enter this code online and with it you claim the location and you can adjust the information about this company.

Good luck with putting your company on the map!

Gijs Ros
Gijs Ros